Our Purpose:

To provide a forum where members of the Association can share research, source materials and experiences;

To promote education and interest in the practice of bankruptcy law;

To facilitate communication among the members of the Association, the judges and staff of the local bankruptcy courts and clerk's offices, and the general public; and

To do all other things necessary and appropriate for the proper operation of a bankruptcy bar association.


Dear TBBA members and members of the Bankruptcy Bar for the Eastern District of Virginia:

Due to the dire weather predictions for the next few days, the board has considered the options and voted to postpone the seminar scheduled for this Friday. We plan to reschedule the date within 90 days. We will circulate notices of re-scheduled dates for the Seminar, as well as the Annual meeting, as soon as we re-group.

Your efforts to spread the word are greatly appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy your snow day!